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Pro-Am 2020 Wheelchair Ticket Policy

Pro-Am 2020 Operates a Wheelchair Ticket Policy Whereby:

  • A limited number of tickets are available for wheelchair users.
  • Applicants for a wheelchair accessible ticket must meet the following criteria:
    1. Wheelchair applicants must be largely confined to a wheelchair or not capable of walking a distance further than that required to reasonably and safely access any other part of the golf course.
    2. Wheelchair applicants must be accompanied by a person who is capable of supporting the wheelchair user’s needs in the event of an emergency; Pro-Am 2020 recommends that such assistants must be aged 16 years or older and not be infirm.
  • An application for a wheelchair accessible ticket should be submitted to no later than 1st April 2020. Applications received after this will be processed, subject to availability. One application form must be fully completed per person.
  • All applications should contain full contact details.
  • Tickets are priced at €50 and include a complimentary assistant ticket.
  • Once allocated, you will also be entitled to accessible parking. Details of the accessible parking areas will be emailed to ticket holders 4 weeks before the event at which time you will be asked to provide us with your vehicle registration number that you will be arriving in, on the day(s).
  • Pro-Am 2020 reserves the right to request proof of disability from any applicant for wheelchair accessible tickets. Such proof may include:
    1. A copy of your disabled parking card as issued by the Irish Wheelchair Association/Disabled Drivers Association
    2. A personal letter from your GP

Ticket Information

Tickets will be available on 20th April. Please insert your e-mail address to subscribe for notifications